Sign-up now for two new after-school classes from The Great Adventure Lab!

great adventure labYour WLES PTA is bringing two new after-school classes from The Great Adventure Lab: Lego Engineers for grades 1-2 and Young Engineers for grades 3-5. Sign-up today at

Sunday’s ConnectEd message from Principal Shrewsbury had the flyer with all the information attached. Check the flyer for the discount codes exclusive for Waters Landing students.

         Lego Engineers students learn and apply mechanical engineering concepts to create a wild amusement park ride, a go-cart, and, of course…a catapult! Students learn the physics behind levers, gears, pulleys, and other simple machines using LEGO® Education’s Simple Machines set. Lego Engineers classes introduce a new project each week, and students are encouraged to improvise on their designs just like in our robotics classes! (Please note this class is different from the Lego Robotics which we offered in previous years.)

Young Engineers students learn basic engineering concepts by designing and building cool projects like bridges, egg drops safety-devices, and working catapults that are almost as large as your child! Class meets indoors, but we’ll periodically venture outside to test out what we build. Each student takes home his or her own catapult. Last class is 90 minutes.

Classes start April 15, 2015.

It’s not too late to register for Builders of the Future at Montgomery College

It’s not too late to register for Builders of the Future!

A one-day enrichment program offered for students in Grades 4 – 6, scheduled for Saturday, October 11, 2014 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on the Rockville campus of Montgomery College.

Students will have an opportunity to select two workshops to participate in during the day.  Workshops allow you to take on the roles, personalities, expectations, and experiences of engineers and designers.


Call Youth Programs: 240-567-7264 or 240-567-7917, or

access our website at



Got your attention? We have a sweet deal for you!

This is the month to place a Market Day order. Our PTA always will receive a portion of the profit on any order you place, but this month we get BONUS profit on every single pie that is sold. The pies are frozen, so they’ll keep just fine for Thanksgiving or our upcoming Pie Appreciation Day for WLES staff! There are plenty to choose from–Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon Apple Silk Pie, Peanut Butter Cup Pie, and lots more!

The more pies WLES sells the more money for PTA programs such as the Science Fair, Dolphinmania, assemblies and more! So far, our school has raised $269 this year through Market Day. In addition to pies, Market Day offers a variety of quality frozen food at competitive prices. Online orders are due by midnight Nov. 13. Pick up your orders at the school at 7:15pm on Nov. 19. Questions? Contact AMY MACLEAN.

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