Get Help Paying for Childcare!

The Montgomery County Child Care Subsidy Programs has funding available to serve eligible families on both the County and State subsidy programs. This is good news for families needing assistance with the high cost of child care!

The Working Parents Assistance program (WPA) is a County funded program serving families working and or attending school for a total of 30 hours per week. The State funded Child Care Subsidy Program (SCCSP), formerly known as Purchase of Care or POC presently does not have a minimum work or school participation requirement. Both programs have income guidelines.

Eligibility is based on the gross household income, family composition, the ages and number of children in care and the parent(s) participation hours. Other factors may apply, but please encourage potentially eligible families to submit an application, especially if their income is within the following guidelines:

Household Size      Income less than

2                                              $32,000

3                                              $52,000

4                                      & up $58,000

If additional information is needed, please call the Child Care Subsidy Information Line at 240-777-1155 or 240-777-1177 and ask for the Worker of the Day.

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