Time to Register for Winter Classes from The Great Adventure Lab!

 LEGORoboticsIt is time to register for winter classes from The Great Adventure Lab! Your PTA is facilitating bringing these after-school classes to Waters Landing Elementary School. In fact, we are one of only two schools in Germantown offering such classes, so be sure to register your child. Class size is limited; please turn in the registration form to Mrs. Chamberlain in the main office or to your child’s teacher.

The Great Adventure Lab Registration Form

For the first time, we are offering classes at all grade levels!

STORYBOOK SCIENCE  on Wednesdays for GRADES K-1: Jan 29, Feb 5, 12, 19, 26, Mar 5, 12, 19

Areas of exploration include: aerodynamics, biology, physics, geology, archaeology, chemistry …and more!  1 instructor, 1 aide, seven 60 min meetings, once per week, $120 per student or $95 for FARM student, plus $18 supply fee per student,  min 11/ max 12 students.  Parent aide gets free tuition.   See requirements here: http://thegreatadventurelab.com/parent-aides/

Course description: Mythbusters isn’t just for big kids. In this class we’ll read a different story each week to our kindergarten and first grade scientists and then conduct hands-on science experiments to test the truthfulness or recreate certain elements of each story! When we read Jon Scieszka’s The True Story of The 3 Little Pigs, for instance, we’ll test the power of wind versus our own construction techniques – can wind really blow down a house? Other stories will inspire us to build earthworm habitats and make … SLIME!

LEGO ROBOTICS on Tuesdays for GRADES 2-4: Jan 28, Feb 4, 11, 18, 25, Mar 4, 11, 18

Areas of exploration: robotics, programming, logic. Staffing: 1 instructor, 1 aide. Eight 60-min meetings, once per week , $130 per student.$100 for FARM students, Min 11/ max 12 students.  Parent aide gets free tuition. See requirements here: http://thegreatadventurelab.com/parent-aides/

This is our core class, where beginners learn to build and program LEGO® robots using LEGO® Education’s award-winning WeDo robotics and programming software. Students follow step-by-step onscreen instructions to build their robots and a suggested program. Students who are ready develop more complicated programs involving motion or tilt sensors. In the final class, we take off the training wheels and challenge students to design and build and program bots that can achieve a certain task.

VIDEO GAME PROGRAMMING on Thursdays for GRADES 3-5: Jan 30, Feb 6, 13, 20, 27, Mar 6, 13, 20

Areas of exploration: programming, multimedia, storytelling, music, and logic. 2 instructors, Eight 60 min meetings, once per week, $140 per student, $110 for FARM students, Min 11/ max 12 students

Does your kid dream of writing his or her own video games or creating a cartoon or animation? We’ve found a great way to get started: Scratch, the super-simple drag-and-drop multimedia programming language designed by MIT‘s Lifelong Kindergarten project.

NOTE: Scratch is available to anyone for free on the Internet. Learn it at home! Or, sign up for one of our classes so The Great Adventure Lab’s trained instructors can teach you how to make characters walk, talk, and interact with a keyboard/mouse or other programmed characters.