Dear Waters Landing Families:

Early Dismissal on Wednesday

This will be a short week here at the Landing! All students will be dismissed at 1:00 on Wednesday. Please make certain your child is aware of dismissal procedures for this half-day should they be different than normal. Schools will be closed on Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holidays.

Drop Off Reminder

Parents, please remember that the bus lane on Waters Landing Drive is for buses only during student arrival and dismissal. If you are dropping your child off for school, you may not park in the spaces by the bus circle; you must use the car loop on Locbury Drive. Students running between buses is unsafe and safety is a priority. Thank you for your cooperation.

Reflections Program
If your child is registered for the Reflections Program, don’t forget that the reception will be held on Monday, December 2nd at 6:30 p.m.

Birthday Celebrations

We are working to make the cafeteria lunch period more successful. Parents, we need your cooperation with birthday celebrations. Some parents bring in cupcakes to celebrate their children’s birthdays. Due to lunch room constraints, we are asking that you please bring in either small cookies or donuts (store bought only) for birthday celebrations. Large cupcakes are causing too much of a mess and students do not have time to eat them. Thank you for your cooperation.

Picture Make-up Day

Student Picture make-up day will be held on Wednesday, December 11th. If you are unhappy with your child’s picture, simply return the entire, uncut package on December 11th and the photographer will retake the picture package. If you missed picture day, order forms will be available in the school office.

NEW–Pay for Field Trips on-line

You may now pay for field trips online with a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. There is a link to this system on our school website. A flyer will come home with students this week with more details.

PTA Membership Contest Winner

Congratulations to Ms. Malik’s kindergarten class — they won a pizza party! Ms. Malik’s class won the PTA-sponsored contest by having the most parent, guardian and teacher PTA members in the whole school. Thank you to those who have joined and chosen to support the PTA. Your directories and PTA membership cards will come home with your child in Dec.

We hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend and Happy Thanksgiving.


Mrs. Shrewsbury, Principal
Mrs. Brown, Assistant Principal
Waters Landing Elementary School



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