Are your kids interested in art? We have wonderful free exhibits right in Town Center. The pieces are usually very thought provoking and students can use their imagination looking at and understanding what they see. It is also a chance for parents to see through their eyes.

The following is a direct excerpt from the BlackRock Center for the Arts’ web page.

“BlackRock has two galleries, the Main Gallery and the Terrace Gallery. The galleries feature diverse exhibits by some of the region’s most exciting visual artists We take pride in the outstanding artists we have exhibited over the years, which have been reviewed by Claudia Rousseau, Lenny Campello, and other art critics in the area. Both galleries are free and open to the public during regular hours of operation.
20130921-005500.jpgAbout the Galleries

BlackRock Center for the Arts’ Main Gallery is 1500 square feet of gallery space. Its high white walls and beautiful windows allows in just the right amount of natural light. The Terrace Gallery is a smaller space, very much at the center of activity in the building, at the top of the Grand Staircase.”

Link to the Gallery Web Page

Waters Landing Elementary School
Montgomery County Public Schools
Waters Landing Elementary School PTA Germantown Maryland 20874

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