Thank you to all of the P.T.A. officials and volunteers that are moving on to new endeavors at the close of this 2012-2013 school year. Thank you to all exiting officers.

The amount of dedication that these individuals have shown is truly amazing. Without regard to any financial gain they have gladly and unwaveringly given their time and efforts to improve the lives of our children for the betterment of the Waters Landing Community.

They have taken an ownership perspective of the fate of our school and it’s ability to serve parents, teachers, and above all – our children.

Special recognition is warranted for Mrs. Lucy Monroy. We have all benefitted from her dedication and willingness to motivate and ensure that programs, information, and enrichment were brought to the school community.

This altruistic dedication is rare. She has effectively performed in many roles within the P.T.A. – translator, president, vice president, volunteer coordinator, ASL teacher, kickball instructor, and book fair organizer to name just a few. The list is very long. Too long!!

One of her trademarks is a persuasive and humorous way of recruiting volunteers through all means necessary. It is amusing that some turn the other way when Lucy is coming because they know that they will have volunteered for a role without realizing how it happened.

Thank you for all the energy and time you have given! Thank you for thanking those who volunteer as if they are volunteering for you and not for the school. We wish we had a ribbon wrapped car ready for you, but we all know that is not why you were so involved.

Thank you to all volunteers and exiting officers.

The Waters Landing Community
Waters Landing Elementary School PTA Germantown, MD 20874

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