Attention All WLES Families:

The WLES Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Needs and Wants YOU!

The WLES PTA Nominating Committee is currently looking for ALL interested candidates to fill several PTA positions (Officers and Committee Chairs)
that will be available for next school year 2013-2014. From the open
positions you can have an idea of ALL the PTA does at our school and for
our kids. This is a great opportunity to get involved!!!

If you are interested in being a candidate, or require additional
information, please contact Lucy Monroy at as soon as possible.

Without your support and help the PTA is in danger of disappearing and
taking with it all that it offers our children!!

What qualifications do you need to be a PTA Officer or Committee Chair? Only two!

1. You must be a PTA member.

If you are currently not a WLES PTA member, there is still plenty of time
to join. Simply, go to the website, Forms are
also available on the front table in the main office.

2. You must want to be involved in bettering the education of your
child, as well as the education of all of the children at WLES.


1. You do NOT have to be currently in a position to be a candidate.

2. You do NOT have to be a stay-at-home parent.

3. You do NOT have to devote 100 of hours of your time – just a few will

4. You do NOT have to be a PARENT – you can be a grandparent, aunt,
uncle, or caregiver of a student at WLES to be a candidate.

5. You do NOT have to have previous experience. Most positions have
free training through the PTA.

6. It is NOT mandatory that you attend EVERY meeting, but it is

7. ANYONE and EVERYONE is ALWAYS welcome to attend a PTA meeting.

What does the WLES PTA do?

Our PTA is responsible for so many activities at WLES; without the
PTA and wonderful parent/family participation events like Dolphinmania,
the Dolphin Newsletter, the PTA Website, Book Fairs, Science Fair and
Science Night, Dolphin Dance, Directory, Day Programs, and many others
would NOT exist.

You can obtain information on the County level at,
state level at, and national level at

Please consider filling one of these VALUABLE and IMPORTANT roles!

We need to see you at the next PTA meeting, May 7th, 7 p.m.

What do you think?

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