Hello WLES families,

We need your help getting pictures for the yearbook!!!
Have you attended a field trip? Class party? School event?
Did you take pictures??
Then you, my friend, have just become part of the YEARBOOK CREW!!!

All you need to do, is send us your pics (of your choosing of course, we love the pics that catch the feeling of the moment, the action as it happens, the big picture, the small picture, the silly picture, the serious picture) via email, disc or flash drive (which we would return).

We really need your help with this very serious situation!!

Please send your pictures to Jennifer Schrock via email at EMAIL or if on a CD or FD to the school in an envelope labeled: ATT: PTA, YEARBOOK CREW. Please make sure your child’s name, teacher’s name, your name and email are in the envelope so we can let you know that (1) we received it and (2) when we are sending it back.

Thanks so much for all your help!

Remember, without you it would be impossible!

Waters Landing Elementary School PTA
Germantown, Maryland 20874

What do you think?

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