Holiday Baskets

Dear Waters Landing Families,

Every year, the Montgomery County Volunteer Center provides food, gifts and/or gift cards for Thanksgiving and the December holidays to needy families in Montgomery County. The Volunteer Center coordinates this seasonal program in conjunction with a variety of religious, business and nonprofit organizations. Families are referred by social workers and school counselors and other professionals. There is no cost to the families at all.

Please let me know if you are interested in receiving these services. If you are, I would need the following information returned to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE for Thanksgiving baskets, as the deadline for submitting your information for Thanksgiving baskets is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28. For December holidays the cutoff is NOVEMBER 23. If I receive your information after these dates, I cannot guarantee that you will receive any of the services, as the Volunteer Center has a cut off date that they need to abide by in order to ensure everyone receives assistance.

Please note that the Volunteer Center does not share information with anyone other than the particular group that is providing the free services. If you have already applied for this assistance through another social ser- vice organization, you will be serviced by them. The computer cross-checks referrals and each family will receive assistance only once from the provider to whom they submit information.

If you would like to be referred for this assistance through our school, please provide me with the following information. Please write neatly and clearly, in block letters: (you may use the back of this letter if you need to)

Mother and/or Father’s name: ___________________________
Address, including apt. number ____________________________________________
Home number :_______________ Work number: ________________
Cell number: _________________
Number of people in household: ____ children _____ adults ( include last name, if different from above- named adults)

Names and ages of children (for gift purposes – use extra sheet of paper if needed)
Last name First name Gender (boy or girl) Age

Your native language: _________________________________
Ability to understand English (circle one): poor, fair, good
Any dietary restrictions: (for example, food allergies, no pork, no meat, etc.) ________________________

Please circle preferences:
Thanksgiving: Yes or No
Winter holiday: Yes or No

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. There is no guarantee that every family will be served, but the agency will do their best. Interfaith Works is the coordinating agency for this year’s Holiday Giving Project. Wish- ing everyone a very happy holiday season!

Karen Laureno
School Counselor
Waters Landing Elementary

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