Nominate Your Favorite Teacher or Coach

The Gazette is sponsoring a “My Favorite Teacher” and “My Favorite Coach” contest where they encourage students to nominate their favorite teacher and/or coach and be qualified to win prizes in return for their participation. 

Students are asked to submit essays about their favorite coach beginning now through October 1st and those who enter will be eligible to win a $500 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Similarly, students can also nominate their favorite teacher beginning this Wednesday, September 12th through Monday, October 8th and be entered to win an Apple iPad!

Online voting will begin soon after the deadline for submissions, and it will be up to the public to then vote on who will be crowned Gazette’s “My Favorite Coach” and “My Favorite Teacher”. 

We encourage you to visit the official website My Favorite Coach  for more information including contest rules. 
Our My Favorite Teacher website will be updated this Wednesday and I urge you to check back then for further information. 

Waters Landing PTA

Germantown MD

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