Come one come all to a performance you will be sure to remember. Waters Landing Elementary School’s very own Drama Club is performing for you tonight at 7pm. They have been practicing and rehearsing for the big day. With the support of Ms. Galluppi, Ms. Burr, Mrs. Z., Mr. Evans, and others, our students are putting on a production of “A Rockin Tale of Snow White.”

A Rockin Tale of Snow White is a fun, new contemporary spin on the classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. A modern mother retells the traditional tale to her two exasperating children. In this updated version you will meet some fresh new characters who provide some comedic twists to the plot. Add some upbeat, funky tunes and you have a recipe for a marvelous musical, designed for an elementary school cast!

Come see our show this Friday, May 17 at 7 pm!!

Waters Landing Elementary School PTA
Germantown, MD 20874